May is Soft Shell Crab Month!

It is no secret that May is one of our favorite months of the year - because soft shell crabs will be in season! Every year, we serve the crustacean a different way every day during the month of May. Here is what you can expect on our menu, so you can mark your calender for your favorite preparation.

5.1 Spicy Soft Shell Crab with Amok Sauce, Jasmine Rice, Stir Fry Vegetables
5.2 Soft Shell Crab Wedge Salad, Iceberg Lettuce, Bacon Lardoons, Buttermilk Ranch

5.5 Soft Shell Crab & Wild Mushroom Risotto, Truffled Greens
5.6 Jerk-Style Soft Shell Crab, Coconut Rice, Pineapple Salsa
5.7 Soft Shell Crab with Scallion Pancakes, Hoisin Sauce, Kimchi
5.8 Southern Style Soft Shell Crab & Grits, Pink Peppercorn Pan Gravy
5.9 Soft Shell Crab Mac & Cheese, JalapeƱo Mornay Sauce, Frisee Salad

5.12 Soft Shell Crab Tostada, Re-Fried Beans, Red Onion Salsa, Mexican Corn
5.13 Soft Shell Crab Pot Pie, Pea Tendrils
5.14 Soft Shell Crab Parmesan, House-Made Linguini, Mozzarella
5.15 Smoky Soft Shell Crab, Braised Collard Greens, Coleslaw, Buttermilk Biscuit
5.16 Cajun Spiced Soft Shell Crab, Etoufee, Habanero Spiced Rice, Cilantro

5.19 Curried Soft Shell Crab, Peppered Rice, Naan Bread
5.20 Singaporean Chili Crab, Crispy Rice Cakes, Scallion Salad
5.21 Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai, Crushed Peanuts, Bean Sprouts, Lime
5.22 Malaysian Style Soft Shell Crab Salad, Papaya, Jicama Noodles, Cilantro
5.23 Soft Shell Crab Banh Mi, Chicken Liver Pate, Pickled Vegetables

5.26 Soft Shell Crab Fish & Chips, Beer Battered Crab, Old Bay Dusted Fries
5.27 Soft Shell Crab Ramen, Hard Boiled Egg, Cabbage, Fresno Chili, Mushrooms
5.28 Open Faced Soft Shell Crab Ravioli, Squid Ink Pasta, Sherry & Tomato Cream Sauce
5.29 Soft Shell Crab Schnitzel, House Made Spaetzle, Mustard Greens
5.30 Crispy Soft Shell Crab, New England-Style Johnny Cake, Green Onion Salsa

Spring... a pop up at 51 Lincoln with Robert (Bobby) Dandliker

Robert (Bobby) Dandliker will be hosting an evening you won't forget. A Newton native, Robert has worked under Tony Maws at both Craigie on Main and Kirkland Tap & Trotter, while still attending Newton South High School. If you'd like to see what this young phenom has to offer, please call us directly at 617-965-3100 or click on the link below.



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